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Thank You to Our Indiegogo Contributors!

THANK YOU to all of our followers who contributed to our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! In addition to the $13,805 raised on our Indiegogo page, an extra $2k was raised via our website during the campaign, totaling to $15,805 (almost 90% of our goal!) - a huge accomplishment we could not have achieved without your likes, follows, shares, and donations.

We're so touched to have support from so many, and are beyond excited that you've given us this opportunity to share our film with you all! 

There's still time left to donate through this page!

FITE Film still needs to make it to $18,000 to reach a full production budget...if you'd like to donate and see this film become a reality, please donate above.


Even if you did not officially "claim" an Indiegogo prize, you will receive one that is commensurate with your donation.

For more information on prizes, please see our Indiegogo page.

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